Monday, March 19, 2012

Creatology Puzzle House Part 1

Quite a while ago, I bought one of the Creatology Puzzle houses figuring that it would make a nice little house.  While it does have the bones to be a good house, it is going to take some work to make it great.  I have already been working on this for a little while (I started the foundation and brick last November) and I custom made each window.  The exterior is made of stir sticks I found at Walmart.  I have given them a watered down coat of black/grey.  Once I have finished the exterior, all of it will be in watered black/grey, then I will use crackle paint, then a coat of white.  I want the exterior to look aged.  I don't want this house to look new.  The premise that I see is that a little old lady lives alone in this house and cannot keep it up.  I want it to look homey, showing that there was a lot of love in this house at one time.  I also want to add very understated items to show that it is haunted (I don't want this to be a Halloween theme at all - so very understated).
This house is approximately 1/2 scale (1:24), however, the rooms are very small.  I am concerned that not a lot of stuff will fit in here, but that will happen a lot later.  For now, enjoy the "in progress" photos, and if you have one of these houses, let me know as I would love to see what others have been doing with theirs.  It doesn't be perfect, it just needs some imagination :)

This is what the original dollhouse looks like when put together as per their instructions:


  1. WOW. You have so much patience. You are doing a terrific job so far.

  2. Thanks Lisa. It looks very nice, I also have done a basement and I want to give an air of mystery. I think we are going to look pretty ...

  3. Beautiful! I just ordered this exact model with plans of modifying it. What did you make your lovely window frames out of?

    1. Thanks! I should update my pictures as I have worked on it some more. The windows were make using bits and pieces of basswood I have lying around. I researched windows and figured out what I wanted to do then I measured the opening and drew out a template for the top, traced it on basswood and cut it out with my exacto knife. Each window is custom made as not every window was exactly the same size once I cut out the cross pieces in the original windows.

  4. How clever! You did a wonderful job. And thank you for getting back to me so fast! Pictures would be great, I can't wait to see how its turning out! :)