Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Spud Bud Charms

I had a LOT of fun making these charms.  Let me introduce you to:
Mr. Spud Bud
Mrs. Spud Bud  and
Jr. Spud Bud
All are approximately 2cm high by 1.2cm wide.
Buy the whole family and proudly wear them on a charm bracelet, necklace or cell phone charm!
Don't worry, the baby won't hurt them.  The Spud Family are shown in a 1:12 dollhouse scale crib and baby.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornaments

Yes, I have started to create christmas items for the Tuscany Christmas Craft Fair.
These are hand made with polymer clay and I used silver plated findings to ensure a lasting shine.
Not including a red ribbon to hang on the tree this ornament measures 8cm in length and 3cm at its widest.
I don't have a picture yet, but I also have made a Waffle man - made of - you guessed it - waffles!

Fruit Tarts 1:12 Dollhouse Miniatures

I have been working hard on dollhouse miniatures - they are similar in size to my jewelry pieces.  I have always enjoyed dollhouse miniatures and think it is fun to wear pieces as charms, pendants, etc.
The large fruit tarts are 2.3cm across and .7 to 1cm high.
The tartletts fit on a plate that is 2cm across.


Lemon Meringue Pie - Version 2

I made lemon pie slices before, but not a whole pie.  Plus this time I have WAY better lemon slices added to it.  This pie measures 3.3cm across and .5cm high.  The pie piece is 1cm wide and .5cm high.
I didn't add any jewelry findings to this one as it is for 1:12 dollhouses.

Yummy Waffle Cones and Cupcake

Chocolate mint swirl with chocolate chips - great on a hot summer day!
This cone is 2.6cm  high by 1.5cm wide.  Since this is a little larger than my other charms, it would look great as a pendant.
The cupcake has chocolate mint swirl icing with chocolate chips. This one is 1.8cm high by 1.5cm wide.
The ity-bity-teeny chocolate ice cream come is perfect as a charm since it is only 1.7cm high by .9cm wide.

Summer Themed Charm Bracelet

I will be putting this bracelet up on my Zibbet store soon - so this is a sneak peek for all my "peeps".
The bracelet and clasp are silver plated, as are the head pins and jump rings used to attach the charms.
The beads are glass and remind me of the colours of cotton candy (blue/pink/green) or maybe a summertime sorbet flavour...yum:)
Each charm is handmade by me using polymer clay.
The starfish is 1.5cm.
The lobster is 1.7cm by 1.1cm.
The icecream cone is 1.4cm by .8cm.
The dolphin is 1.8cm by 1cm.
The flip flop is 1.5cm by .5cm.
The kayak is 1.6cm by 1 cm.
The crab is 1.1cm by 1cm.
The creamcicle is 1.4cm by 1cm.
The bracelet itself is 7 inches - if you need this to be any longer, let me know and I can lengthen it.