Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cherry Tomatoes 2012

I just HAD to post my cherry tomato harvest today.  I have been bringing in almost this much for the past two weeks!  I grow these for my family, who LOVE them.  I don't care for tomatoes at all.
I am so proud!!

Mouse Family

I was looking up at my fireplace mantel the other day and saw something move.  I realized that my little mouse family that lives up there was never been caught on film.  I whipped out my IPhone and managed to capture the whole family together!
I made this little family last year before Christmas, thinking they would be cute at my craft show table.  I never did take them as I was struggling for room as it was, so they have been hanging out there since then.
The white mice are needle felted with white merino wool, and the brown one is felted with alpaca wool.
They all have wire armatures so are pose-able. The mom and dad mice are 3.25" tall and the toddler mouse is 1.75" tall.  I have no idea why I have not made more.  I have so many miniatures I could use with them, it would be so much fun to add these little extras.  Keep your eyes on this blog as - you never know!

Needle Felted Bunny

Every year (so far) our ski club has their annual Black Diamond Bash.  Parents are required to supply items for the silent auction in a predetermined amount to cover their child's year in skiing.  It is not usually very hard.  I usually put in a Holiday Card Making Class, that is worth $150.00.  This year I am also going to make something.  I don't think I am going to tell you the full idea yet, but I will show you the what I have made so far :)
This little guy is 5" tall and he is needle felted with alpaca wool from here in Alberta.  He has glass eyes.  His parka is hand-stitched out of wool felt, with an added hood and pocket.  The faux fur is hand-stitched on as well.
Comment if you know what this little guy will be up to next :)