Thursday, January 7, 2010

Using my photo studio

 Here are a few cards I made a long time ago - Since I never took photos of these I used my little photo studio. I am working on some valentines cards - stay tuned to see these soon!

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Bloggers Delight - A Light Box Studio!

For Christmas my husband (Santa) gave me a light box so that I can take great photos of my papercraft creations. I set the photo box up in the guest room (it is easy to take down should we have guests). I had my camera set up with my remote control as well - very sweet setup, I must say!! I took photos of these christmas cards in it. I tried one with just the blue background and one with some gold garland in the background - which one do you like better? I still have a lot to learn to take really great photos this way - such as - I think my lights are too high and need to be set more to the sides. I noticed a bit of shadow under one of my other photos and there should be none.
I would like to be able to take photos of my cards that look like the ones in Papercraft Magazine.

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