Monday, January 31, 2011

TINY Needle Felted Penguin

Another craft that seems to be taking off lately is Needle Felting.  Even the miniature world is doing it.  So of course, I wanted to try it.  I finally found a small beginner kit that did not break the bank, so made my first penguin the size suggested in the kit.  There was enough to make a few penguins, so I decided to see how small I could make one.
I think this is pretty small and pretty cute, myself :)  I am not sure if I will be selling it, or adding it to one of the beds in my Fairy Dollhouse......

Valentine's Earrings

I have been wanting to turn some of my 1:12 scale miniature cookies into earring studs for quite some time.  I finally found a place to get surgical steel earring posts and rubber earring buds.  My first cookie earrings will be posted in my Zibbet store as soon as possible.

Valentine's Themed Cake Pops

I taught a card class for several children and the hostess also asked for a dozen cake pops.  This is the second time I have been paid to make cake pops!  It would be great to be able to do more orders for the various special events in a year.

Valentines Miniatures

Between making cake pops and creating card kits for the class I taught yesterday, I managed to do a little bit of miniature work for Valentine's Day.  I hope to post these in my Zibbet store a.s.a.p.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miniature leather look books

I have met some wonderful miniaturists through various blogs, and this lady is no exception.  She emailed me a tutorial on how to get this look in a miniature book without having to resort to figuring out how to get pieces of leather thin enough to be closer to scale.  The brown ones are 1:12 scale and open with blank pages (I bound these pages myself using the longstitch binding method).  I aged the pages using coffee/water and my embossing heater (when drying the pages, if you hold the paper in one spot for a few seconds the pages start to burn a little bit).
The blue one is 1:24 scale, but is not bound the same way.  This ones looks like it could open, but it doesn't.
If you get a chance visit Nikki over at Witch and Wizard Miniatures - she is the one who showed me how to do the covers of these books.

1:144 Dollhouse - All DONE!

I bought this dollhouse with some Birthday money from mom.  I have had the dollhouse done for a little while, but I wanted to landscape it as well.  I picked up the greenhouse at a train model shop - it is HO scale.  The little people are N scale. Train stuff isn't the same as dollhouse scale, but sometimes they can fit in ok.  The colourful bushes around the house and the greenery is Flowersoft - a scrapbooking product.
The trees are from a Train model shop as well.  I have this all mounted in a clear box I got from Michaels that is used to hold collectibles (this is my lazy way of ensuring I don't have to dust all these little bits!)

Enjoy the photos!