Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Miniature leather look books

I have met some wonderful miniaturists through various blogs, and this lady is no exception.  She emailed me a tutorial on how to get this look in a miniature book without having to resort to figuring out how to get pieces of leather thin enough to be closer to scale.  The brown ones are 1:12 scale and open with blank pages (I bound these pages myself using the longstitch binding method).  I aged the pages using coffee/water and my embossing heater (when drying the pages, if you hold the paper in one spot for a few seconds the pages start to burn a little bit).
The blue one is 1:24 scale, but is not bound the same way.  This ones looks like it could open, but it doesn't.
If you get a chance visit Nikki over at Witch and Wizard Miniatures - she is the one who showed me how to do the covers of these books.


  1. These look so real. You sure did a good job. How long does it take to make one?

  2. They look fantastic! Im glad the tutorial was of use to you. I love all thats here and how old they look. At some point i will post the tutorial on my blog. It needs a lot of tidying up ad editing from the rough format i sent you.
    Nikki xxx

  3. Die Bücher sehen so schön aus, das würde ich auch gerne lernen.

    liebe Grüße