Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wrap Bracelets for Stampede

I am finally putting up pictures of my wrap bracelets.  The first one I made is the goldstone one.  I love goldstone and it gives this shabby chic type bracelet a bit of sparkle which pleases my inner goddess :)
The second one I made with Czech crackle beads and 4 small mountain Jade beads at each end.  While I was making this one, I was thinking about the upcoming Calgary Stampede and how perfect these rustic bracelets with the inner "bling" would be to dress up any cowgirl.  I am going to put this one on my Zibbet shop and maybe advertise on Kijiji.  I am keeping the goldstone one for me unless I get a custom order.  Goldstone is expensive to have lying around waiting to be sold.
If you know anyone in Calgary that wants to wear some rustic "bling" to the stampede - send them my way!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Visit From Mayor Nenshi

A neighbor of mine Erin, thought of me (knowing how crafty I tend to be:), when Mayor Nenshi's coveted bobblehead likeness met with a tragic accident.

Mayor Nenshi's Bobblehead (hereforthwith known as "Mr. Mayor") arrived sans pomp and circumstance to our little abode for his surgery and recovery.

Surgery was quick and easy, but recovery was going to take a little longer.  While resting on the back deck during a most warm springtime day, I shared some of my coveted Pina Colada slushie with him.  Don't worry Mr. Mayor, it was a virgin Pina Colada - he was recovering from surgery!

The next morning, Mr. Mayor was feeling much better and I put him in charge of making sure my daughter drank her milk.  This can be an arduous task, but I was quite impressed when she drank her milk right down.  Apparently Mr. Mayor has some pull with the 6-7 year olds!

Barbie learned of our famous guest and proceeded to invite him to her mansion for a Gala.
He met various styles of Barbies and Princesses including Rapunzel and her Husband Flynn Rider.

I do believe that Mr. Mayor was well rested when he was sent on his way back to work.  We were glad to have hosted such a famous Calgarian.  Thank you for stopping by Mr. Mayor!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crystal and Pearl Bracelets

I signed up for a bracelet making class called Pearl Bling and learned to make a beaded bracelet with crystals, glass pearls and seed beads.  I have not had the patience to learn how to make beaded jewelry as I usually learn by looking at items I want to make.  The instructions for making beaded items tends to try my patience.  Now I am hooked and am trying to find more patterns to try more things. These are so sparkly and the seed beads on the sides look like delicate lace when on your wrist.  For now here are some pictures of two bracelets I have made since the class.  I will be listing these in my Zibbet shop very soon.