Sunday, March 25, 2012

1:12 Scale Bakery

I am not sure if I ever posted pictures of my 1:12 scale bakery room box. It is still missing a proper window and a door to the "kitchen" (another project where the kitchen for the bakery will join at the door.)
I still have more little things to add to this roombox, but, most of the work is done. I will be adding some shelves for more little stuff to display, the kitchen door, the window, hopefully I will be able to finish the top and front with plexiglass as well.  I hate dusting my miniatures.
Browse and enjoy the photos!


  1. Your bakery is so cute! Did you make all the baked goods?

  2. I did make all the baked goods. I had to build this roombox to house all the baked goods. I have more since I took these photos.

  3. WOW, WOW and more WOW !!! You have so much patience. I don't know where you got all your craft sense from !!