Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quarter Scale Christmas Gifts 2011

My special tradition for Christmas is to hand make most of my gifts.  This year I tackled one of the hardest projects yet.  Build quarter scale Christmas scale roomboxes for my mom and two sisters.  The picture of how I wanted everything was in my head, I just needed to put everything into play.  I learned a lot about doing this and next time I build a roombox, it should be a whole lot easier.
If I tried to sit down and explain everything I did here, this post would not happen, so instead, I am posting pictures with the following caveat: I made everything you see.  If you have questions about how anything was made, I will joyfully tell you in great detail :)
Thanks for looking and, as usual, comments are greatly appreciated!


  1. I have only just found your blog and have to say that your room boxes are truly inspiring. Yes please if you have time I would love to hear how you made the furniture and other special details. Again thanks for sharing this great inspiration.

  2. They're wonderful, Lisa. What terrific gifts!

  3. Beautiful Lisa, that scale is very appealing to me, I like to try it myself one of these days.