Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Are Cake Pops?

"What Are Cake Pops?" I kept getting asked this question at my craft show yesterday.  I thought EVERYONE knew what Cake Pops were!  I guess I am ahead of the latest baking craze.  No one would believe me that they are basically cake on a stick, and most did not even want to pay $1.00 to try one.  The ones that did enjoyed them immensely.  Anyway - if you want to learn more about Cake Pops head on over to the blog and author who started it all - Bakerella.
I made a batch of very simple ones as I was trying to promote making these as alternatives to regular cakes at events.  Or as party favours.  I think I got more weird looks than anything.  Here are some photos.


  1. I have never made cake pops but would have bought one from you just to try them. $1.00 doesn't seem too much to try something you have never had !!

  2. Ooh i like the sound of these. Love cake and cake in this way sounds fun. Would look so pretty as presents too!