Sunday, November 14, 2010

Unfinished Haunted Mirror

I have been working/not working on this mirror for over a month now.  I loved making those pumpkins with the faces so much, then started to think that one of those sculpted faces kind of morphing or stretching out of a mirror would be neat.  This was done on a piece of extra dollhouse plywood I had hanging around.  The clay is the harder grey clay, of which I painted silver after baking.  I put in white eyeballs, thinking that I would paint them a blood red.  Just as Nikki was trying to think of a way to bring out more definition to her book skulls (see her post here), I could do a black wash to do the same here, but won't it take away from the "morphing/stretching" out of a mirror look? I have been held up with the mirror frame as well, however, I am thinking that Nikki's faux leather technique around the edge might be nice....any suggestions?


  1. Don't have any suggestions but these are kind of eerie. Will they go with your Halloween decorations?

  2. So sorry i didnt get here sooner. I keep meaning to then i forget and each day has passed with me doing the same.
    The mirrow is fab, love it and it must have taken ages.
    I think as a suggestion it would stand out more if you brushed some darker paint into the crevices and wipe off the excess so it just stays in the crevices. Then dry brush the edges to age it a little. Would give it extra charm.
    Nikki xxx