Friday, April 20, 2012

Custom Cupcakes - Ski Theme

Before I made the Easter cookies, one of the ski moms from our club asked me to make her son some cupcakes for his upcoming 11th birthday.  She wanted a ski theme and the colours blue and brown, and the cupcakes to be chocolate.  Of course I told her "no problem", then stressed over what I would do.  I had been thinking for some time of trying gum paste as I had read that it is similar to sculpting like Fimo (only edible).  So I bought a small bag of gum paste at Michaels, and armed with several knowledgeable websites, coloured some gumpaste a nice blue.   I cut and sculpted some skis and let them dry over night.  I used an edible black marker to enhance the top rounded edge of the ski, I then crossed two together like and "X" and stuck them in the "snow".  I piped the bindings on with brown icing.
I custom made a cupcake pik with "Happy Birthday xxx" using my Cricut - et voila!  This is what you see.  The photos are not that great as I quickly took them at night before delivering them to my customer. She was so sweet and enthusiastic over them, and I was quickly over my stress that she would not like them.  She asked me for a bunch of business cards and told me she would find me more customers.  Most importantly though, the birthday boy loved them.

On a final note - gumpaste is not as easy to sulpt with as Fimo - it is WAY harder.

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